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Since 2013, the Fruits Care Agro has established a reputation of excellence in the Fruit security, packaging and now in Trillis system. As one of India's most respected manufacturers, Expoter, distributors and suppliers of agro related products and services, Fruits Care Agro has proven to have the ability to provide innovative solutions to meet a wide range of customers' needs across the Country.

Our product range is very diversified and it includes; Safety Nets, Shade nets, Plastic Crates, Punnets, Trays, Orchad Trillis Support system, Packaging, Ground Covers, Agri Tools, Nurseries and many more...

How We Work?

We at Fruits Care Agro want to help farmers and their business to grow and succeed by which we will grow too. That’s why we make customer service our number-one priority. Over in past few years our business has honed our capabilities to improve the service we offer

In all cases we provide proper time to customers and nderstand their concers and then reccomend soloutions. It’s our job to understand and find creative ways to meet your evolving needs.By which the get positive change in there lives.

Partnering with Co-operative Socities, Farmer foundation, distributors of retail goods, food products, high-tech and agricultural products, and many others, we insure that our customers products not only look their best, but also arrive safely at their intended destination. Product we offer are quality certified as per their fields.

We welcome everyone to our Family.



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  • Biggest provider of Anti-Bird Nets for year 2018-2019

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