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Our reputation as one of India's most respected manufacturers, exporters, distributors, and suppliers of agro-related products and services is no fruitless boast!

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We are committed to delivering top-quality, innovative agro solutions that meet the diverse needs of farmers across India.

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Being aware of the fact that your success is our success, we make customer service our top priority!

From Seed to Harvest

Exploring the Diversity of Our Product Range

We take pride in offering a wide range of products that cater to various stages of the agriculture process. From protecting seedlings to packaging the final harvest, our diversified product range covers it all.

Our safety nets and shade nets provide essential protection from weather hazards and insects, ensuring the healthy growth of plants. Our plastic crates, punnets, and trays are designed for the safe transportation of harvested produce, keeping it fresh and in top condition. Our orchard trellis support system is designed to maximize crop yield by optimizing plant growth and minimizing damage from weather-related stress.

Additionally, we offer packaging solutions that are designed to protect the produce and extend its shelf life, ensuring that it reaches the end consumer in the best possible condition. Our ground covers provide effective weed control and soil conservation, while our agri tools are designed to increase the efficiency of farm labour and streamline the production process.

Last but not least, we also provide nurseries, catering to the first stage of plant growth, and providing high-quality plant materials for farmers and gardeners. At our company, we understand the unique needs of the agricultural industry and have a diverse range of products to meet those needs.

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The Openfield Timeline


We began our operations with ambitious goals in mind and established our first tie-up with Sona Agrotex.

Early Years

We climbed the ladder and expanded into new market spaces.

Acquisition of Nationwide

By this time, we had gained professional experience in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting agricultural equipment. "AGRO MANANG," South Asia's largest apple farmer, was under our belt.

Global Growth

We acquired a strong position in the global market and became a coveted manufacturer and supplier. Our products have been tested and proven to suit a wide variety of climates and environments. We tied up with Gripples UK and expanded overseas.

Drip irrigation

Fruit Care Agro is  collaborated
with jan irrigation.


Fruits Care Agro Collaboration with Nischler Nursery, Italy


Fruit Care Agro started our own production of pre-stress concrete poles


Fruit Care Agro collaboration with Feno Nursery, ltaly

Sowing the Seeds of Success

The Fruits Care Agro Approach

Our mission is to help farmers and their businesses grow and succeed, which in turn helps us grow. We prioritize customer service above all else and have spent years honing our capabilities to improve the service we offer.

When you work with us, we take the time to understand your concerns and needs, and we recommend tailored solutions to help you succeed. Our team is dedicated to finding creative ways to meet your evolving needs and make a positive change in your life.

We partner with co-operative societies, farmer foundations, distributors of retail goods, food products, high-tech and agricultural products, and many others to ensure that our customers’ products not only look their best, but also arrive safely at their intended destination. All of the products we offer are quality certified as per their respective fields.

We welcome you to our family at Fruits Care Agro!

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A Proud Achievement

We are proud to have achieved a significant milestone at our company! In the year 2018-2019, we were recognized as the biggest provider of Anti-Bird Nets in the market.

This achievement represents the culmination of our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. We take great pride in knowing that our Anti-Bird Nets have helped countless farmers protect their crops and increase their yields.

Our success in this area is the result of our dedicated team’s hard work and innovation. We have invested in the latest technology and equipment, and have worked tirelessly to develop new products and techniques to better serve our customers.

As we move forward, we will continue to build on this momentum and strive to be the leading provider of agricultural solutions in the market. We thank our customers for their continued trust in our products and look forward to serving them in the years to come.

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