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Apple trees are believed to be cultivated since the 3rd century BC, especially in Asia. Today, apple is maybe the most popular fruit for adults and children.

Its wide spread is caused partly because apple tree is very flexible and resilient. It can give fruits even in temperatures below -30 °. Nowadays, apple trees are cultivated in diverse climate conditions, ranging from the cold of Canada to the tropical climate of Africa. Consequently, the apple trees do not always need optimum conditions in order to thrive. The trees are popular for adapting to their local conditions and yield some fruits despite difficulties, provided the selection of variety is done rationally. About half of world apple production takes place in China, but now apple trees are also cultivated worldwide.

The average apple tree is able to produce notable quantity of fruits from the 3rd to 6th year of its age and can continue to do so until the 25th-50th year of its age.

All apple trees are not self-pollinating. This means that if there isn’t any other apple tree close to your backyard, you may have to plant at least 2 trees of different varieties in order to harvest fruits.


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